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Santa Monica Knife Sharpening is Magnus Pettersson hand sharpeners blog about hand sharpening. I personally, hand sharpen every knife on Japanese water stones till perfection. The edge bevels will be smooth polished without grinding marks, and the hand sharpening also allows just the right amount to be taken off to provide a superior edge.

Why you need a sharp knife

– A truly sharp knife is a pleasure to work with and make the work more efficient.
– A sharp knife is more safe, less prone to slip on food wish could result in injury.
– A sharp knife will keep the flavors and beauty of fresh ingredients. If you ever used a dull knife to finely slice up basil, you will know that it bruise the basil and it turns black.

Why you should have your knife hand sharpened

Most of the so called “professional” knife sharpeners use machines that looks like belt sanders and grinders, and sparks will fly. They are very abrasive and will apply excessive heat to the edge, which ruins the tempering and will make the edge softer, and the knife will go blunt very quickly. They also grid down way more material than needed, wish shortens the life of your knife. If the knife doesn’t need it, grinding off excessive material is just throwing money away.

Also avoid any electric home sharpening machines, and sharpening at any mall shops or kitchen supplies store that uses them to sharpening knives. These machines also over heating the edge, and they seldom have the correct edge angles. Please don’t use these machines, because you are ruining your knives! I have been fixing lots knives from people who use these kinds of machines to sharpen their global’s, mac’s and shun’s knives. The only way for me to fix them is to grind the knives down past the “de tempered” and damage steel, until I get back to the hard steel and to regrind the right edge angles.

If you want to sharpen your own knives, I recommend that you buy a combination water stone with medium and fine grit. I start with practicing on some cheap knives until you get the feel for it. There is a lot of information online about how to use water stones to sharpen your knives. As soon as I get some time I will try to write something about it on the blog to.

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