Having your knives sharpened at Santa Monica knife sharpening

I’m writing this post to clarify a few things. I work out of my home, and I do run in and out a lot, so always call, text or email first and setup an appointment to come here, or for me to come and pick the knives up.  Text messages is the fastest and most convenient way for me to communicate, my number is 310-486-6068 and my email is magnus@memagnus.com

I’m an early bird, so I do most pickups before 8.30am, and prefer to get the knives here earlier in the day so I could plan my day. The turn around is around 10-20min per knife, sometimes more depending on how busy I’m. The prices for ordinary double edge knives are, $7 for blades under 5″, $9 for blades between 5″-9″ and $11 for blades over 9″.

Also all sharpening is done by hand, but I do use a machine for major repairs, thinning and re-profiling. Thanks to that I do all sharpening by hand, I’m limited in how many knives I could sharpen in a day before I get sore and have to stop. This is the main reason to always contact me and setup an appointment first, because some days my hands are so beat, that I’m taking the day off to give them a chance to recover.

For pickups in Santa Monica I have a minimum of 5 knives, and a minimum of 8 knives outside of Santa Monica.

Last I don’t have any kind of mail order service, because its just to much hassle packing and shipping knives.

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